Why Choose Keron?

We are well aware of the stress that a major move can cause. We do our best to ensure that your arrival in a new place, city country is easy, and to assist you and your family until you are completely settled in. Keron International Relocation & Movers is the specialist when it comes to international removals.

Keron International Relocation & Movers can guarantee you a quality removals services, specifically adapted to your needs. We possess the equipment, skills and experience required in order to provide you with reliable solutions, adapted to any situation. Owing to instinctive and thorough communication at all levels of our company, we have successfully established a presence in challenging countries. Communication has also enabled us to establish strong partnerships with large companies and international organizations, in order to effectively manage all their moving requirements.

Keron International Relocation & Movers is characterized by its adaptability, innovation, reliability and responsiveness. With everything we do, we aim first and foremost to satisfy our customers, and we take pride in making your move a positive experience.

Client Satisfaction: a Keron Priority

Many companies would be delighted to announce a client satisfaction rate of 95%. At Keron, we want more: we aim for the total satisfaction of our customers.

Enhancing our services is an ongoing investment – we are constantly improving our quality levels, and going the extra mile for our clients. This is why we have created an online hotline, featureing the new Mr. GoodMove, dedicated to assisting our clients.

Mr. GoodMove is available to all our clients and partners via email at mrgoodmove@keronmoving.com, to answer any questions and provide information regarding a move, ensuring complete client satisfaction. He guarantees a fast and professional reply to all your queries.

At Keron, we believe that the effective management of client feedback is critical in offering uniquely adapted solutions. As an innovative company, we look to the future. This is why Keron has recently invested in its quality program to optimize the collection and the use of customer’s feedback, and to further improve customer satisfaction.

Feedback received from clients is appreciated and allows us to improve our quality either through offering more training or improved packing material. At each step of the move we will measure the satisfaction of our customers according to criteria below:

At the end of the questionnaire the client is asked if he/she would re-employ Keron for further moving operations. These results are analyzed the branch level and Keron shipping management level and correctives actions are taken where needed. An assessment is done during the management review and undertaken by our own in-house quality control division.

A survey of customer satisfaction has yielded an average Quality Satisfaction ratio of 97% over the past year.