A high standard storage service is definitely required as a leading logistic company. The following two storage service companies have been cooperate with KERON for as long as six years and we believe our customers can put all their trust in these companies without hesitation.

Easystorage is the most recognised brand in self storage industry in China. They introduced the latest technology from Europe, combining their excellent customer service with a network of storage facilities across Shanghai and Beijing (under construction) in high profile, easy–to–access locations. Easystorage provides self storage solutions for homes and business. Storage rooms range from 1 sq meter to 20 sq meter, plus wine storage available to rent.

You may be thinking "With that cutsey logo and name, can you REALLY give me self storage in Shanghai, China without BS?" Yes, they GUARANTEE it! They may be cute on the outside, but they're tough as nails on the inside.

Keron International Relocation & Movers Shanghai provides two storage facilities in a secure containerized warehouse which are 500㎡ and 300㎡. Our facilities offer all the necessary equipment for packing and storage, including a manual forklift, a dedicated carpentry store equipped with cutting edge drills and tools, a scale and our own skilled case makers and carpenters.

Our quality criteria for Storage are as follows:

  • Perfectly safe locking systems
  • Ventilated warehouses
  • Warehouse regularly treated against humidity, insects, vermin
  • Regularly inspected anti-fire systems

Other than items being packed into the respective appropriate cartons, furniture is export-wrapped, protected and crated if need be, prior to loading in storage modules for short-or long-term storage purposes. Although costly to the Keron group, we do not entertain the conventional blanket wrap type of protection when storing.

This unique methodology maximizes protection to stored furniture and personal effects, but additionally also simplifies matters when a storage consignment needs to be shipped on short notice or when there is a change in the planning and execution of the move.

All storage containers are identified by the relevant markings which are alphanumerical and include information pertaining to the contents. This may include the client’s name, file reference number as well as the number of other storage containers. These storage containers are all listed on a Master Storage File Listing which makes identifying and retrieving the total consignment or one particular item extremely simple. This system minimizes handling which minimizes the risk of damage or loss as we only need to retrieve and unpack one storage container to locate on item.

Moth repellents are replaced in all storage containers and storage areas every six months
and our warehouses are fumigated with environmentally friendly pesticides on a regular
basis. Depending on the advice offered by the relevant service provider, procedures
may differ from country to contry.