Once you have experienced moving yourself, you know the importance of protecting your personal belongings, some of which are irreplaceable. In this respect, we understand how our clients feel when the doors of a truck or a container close on their belongings for delivery to the other side of the world. This is the reason we offer our customers a well packing structure.

During recent years the Keron International Relocation & Movers has created new types of cartons, which are better suited to modern personal effects, for example small cartons for CDs and DVDs, which in turn fit into our standard cartons. For the comfort of our customers, we also created the “1st Necessity” carton, in which we pack those items considered by the transferee as primary needs on arrival at their new destination, for example a coffee machine, medication, etc.

Also, it should be noted over 15 differently-sized cartons are available for each move, including the robust and sturdy tri-walled boxes. Tailor-made wooden crates can be designed and produced to house a transferee’s most sensitive and fragile items, giving that essential extra protection and added peace of mind to the owner.

The professionalism of our technical staff is an essential component of a successful operation. Constant training is implemented to make sure that quality keeps improving. Every team leader, warehouse manager and packer is made aware of the necessity of a job well done.