Household Moving

With a range of independent services to complement our complete turnkey solution, Keron International Relocation & Movers ensures that all relocations, even to the most remote destinations, are expedited with precision and care, providing complete peace of mind.

Point-by-point update

Throughout the whole moving process, each transferee will be kept informed regarding every aspect of the move – from the very first contact by phone right through to delivery at destination.

We sincerely believe that these commitments can only be achieved through the control of a cohesive network of companies. Due to our constant concern for timely communication with the transferees and their families, Keron has invested in the infrastructure to support the demand for a high level of service and communication.

Telephonic and/or electronic brief

Once a move is confirmed, the Project Manager shall contact the client within one working day in order to arrange for the pre-move survey. At this stage, all pre-shipment aspects will be discussed. This includes:

How the pre-move survey will be conducted
Advice for an easy volume estimate
The transferee’s entitlements
Storage requirements
Proposed moving dates
Any prohibited items at destination city/country

The Project Manager will be able to reassure the transferee by responding to queries they may have regarding the removal procedure and process.

Pre-move surveys

For each removal a pre-move survey will be carried out by the Project Manager, where the volume and weight of the consignment will be assessed and communicated to the transferee and the company. This will be carried out within the predetermined confines of the transferee’s allowances.

During the pre-move survey, the Project Manager will complete a Survey sheet, which is an essential document for many facets of the removal. Detailed on the survey sheet at the time of the survey, will be specified, amongst other things, the significant parameters of the operation, which may include:

Required dates of packing, collection and delivery.
Possible restrictions for access to the property/s and/or parking requirements.
Provision for an outside lift and/or special handling.
Comprehensive household inventory and estimated volume of the consignment.
List of objects for which particular precautions and/or packing procedures are necessary.The logistics required to complete the move, and more.

Within two working days the Project Manager will confirm the relevant survey information in writing to the transferee and the company.